YouAreLoved is a non-profit mental health organization dedicated to spreading awareness, breaking the stigma, presenting hope and being a beacon of love to all people living with mental health conditions. YouAreLoved exists to remind us all that even in our darkest moment ‘YouAreLoved’.
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YouAreLoved - Introduction

Rachel Machbitz is the inspiration for Everything!

My name is Aaron Machbitz, and I started the YouAreLoved movement in May of 2019 when I dropped the introduction video to the YAL Mental Health Weekly Video Series. The inspiration and reason behind YouAreLoved is my big sister, Rachel. Rachel battled Bipolar Disorder and Depression for over 10 years. My sister and I had an incredible relationship and were best friends our entire lives. Tragically, Rachel lost her battle and died of suicide on September 3rd, 2018.


YAL Mental Health Video Series

YouAreLoved exists to inspire, encourage hope, and remind all of us that even in our darkest moment YouAreLoved.