Rachel Machbitz is the inspiration for Everything!

My name is Aaron Machbitz and I am the founder and CEO of YouAreLoved (YAL).

I grew up in Plano, TX with my loving parents and my older sister Rachel. Looking back, I always appreciated the closeness of our family unit. My parents were supportive and encouraged anything Rachel and I wanted to accomplish; regardless of the time commitment or effort it required.

Rachel and I had an incredible relationship; I grew up with a best friend beside me, cheering me on, every day. Life was beautiful.

When I left for college at SDSU in Brookings, SD, I had two goals; play baseball and become a professional wrestler. And that’s what I did. I was recruited to play D1 baseball at South Dakota State University and after graduation I took on the name Jaxon Stone to pursue a career in pro-wrestling. Despite the distance, my family unit remained connected. They frequently traveled for my games and shows, and I returned home for weekend visits as often as I could. With them by my side, it seemed like I had everything figured out and I was on track to accomplishing my dreams.

However, life came to screeching halt on September 3, 2018. After a 10-year battle with bipolar disorder and severe depression, Rachel died by suicide. Grief, sadness, anger, and pain overwhelmed my body and thoughts. I was numb and did not know how to move forward.

I realized that these life-altering, paralyzing emotions were similar to the feelings Rachel fought through for over 10 years. These emotions were barriers. They were heavy. And they were real. To move forward and build a new reality for myself, I knew I needed to break them down and process.

While grieving the loss of someone I loved so much, I learned to appreciate the love around me. This helped me get up every day and keep moving – the idea that I was important, I was strong and I was loved. And since it helped me so much, I wanted to ensure others benefited from the same feelings and realizations.

It started with a t-shirt. A simple reminder to people who needed it. You are loved.

A t-shirt turned into a conversation – person to person. Connecting with someone to understand how they needed to be recognized. Letting them know that they are loved.

And in May of 2019, YouAreLoved became more than a T-Shirt. It became a way of life and a movement. A message for everyone to know just how important and loved they really are.

YAL Today

Today, YouAreLoved is a non-profit organization offering support to so many people who need to know just how loved they are.


You deserve love and to be loved.

Your story is just beginning. Press Ahead.

The world is a better place with you in it.

No matter what you go through in life, or how dark it gets, help is available and ‘YouAreLoved.’


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